Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations

The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is information about the results of recent solicitations.

For a list of open formal solicitations for goods, services, and construction, visit the Solicitations web page.

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Number Title NIGP
RFP PTD20-003 Manufacture and Delivery of Heavy-Duty Transit Buses and Spare Parts 556-00
RCS PTD21-002 (JH) Street Furniture and Bus Advertising Services 915-01
PTD21-016 Beverage and Snack Vending Services 961-15
PTD21-007 (EjR) Paratransit Services 556-00
IFB 22-FSD-034 Welding and Metal Fabrication 929-95
RFP 22-SW-026 Household Hazardous Waste Home Collection Service 926-45
IFB 22-FSD-019 Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services 962-23
IFB 22-FMD-036 Backflow Testing, Repair and Replacement Services 936-33
6000001044 SR85 Landfill Cell 1 Phase 5 Excavation and Liner Plan - Design-Bid-Build - PW16810006 912-00
6000000831 Public Works Solid Waste Support On-Call Services - RFX6000000831 925-00
6000000800 revised to 6000000831 Public Works Solid Waste Support On-Call Services 925-00
RTM RFP 19-003 Hosted Pension Administration System (PAS) 920-05
RTM RFQ 21-002 Death Audit and Life Verification Services 918-00
RTM RFP 21-001 Consulting Actuary Services 918-00
RTM RFP 21-003 Physicians Specializing in Independent Medical Evaluations 918-78
RTM RFP 21-004 Actuarial Audit Services 918-00
6000001175 Street Transportation Department 56th Street: Thomas Road to Camelback Road Engineering Services - ST87210047 925-00
6000001179 Citywide Civil Construction Job Order Contracting Services - 4108JOC203 912-00
6000001181 Citywide Landscape Job Order Contracting Services - 4108JOC204 912-00
IFB 22-069 Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Raw Material 550-36
6000001170 Baseline Road Fiber Optic Cable & Equipment Loop 202 To I-10 Design-Bid-Build - ST89360036 912-00
6000001101 Architectural On-Call Services Calendar Years 2022-23 - NO PROJECT NUMBER 906-00
6000001112 T2050 ABB: Cave Creek Road to 26th Street and Angela Drive to Marco Polo Road - Design Bid Build - ST87210022 912-00
6000001110 59th Avenue Public Sewer Main Extension Between Lower Buckeye Road & Broadway Road Design-Bid-Build - APEX071521 912-00