Physicians Specializing in Independent Medical Evaluations

Solicitation Details

RTM RFP 21-003

Retirement Systems

Tina Esparza

09/07/2021 8:00 AM

918-78 - Medical Consulting

Additional Information

The City of Phoenix Retirement Office, on behalf of the Phoenix Fire Pension Board and the Phoenix Police Pension Board, (“local boards” under the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System—hereafter “Local Boards or Boards”), invites sealed proposals, including detailed information concerning qualifications and fees, to provide medical record summary preparation and potential independent medical/psychiatric examinations services to the Boards.

Associated Files

Solicitation responses must be submitted in a sealed envelope, unless otherwise specified in the Solicitation. The response must clearly identify the Company Name and Address, Solicitation Number, and the Bid Opening Date and Time. It is the Bidder's responsibility to include the number of copies specified in the Solicitation.

NOTE: The City of Phoenix will NOT accept responses submitted after the Date and Time stated in the Solicitation, nor will the City of Phoenix accept responses submitted by fax or e-mail, unless otherwise specified in the Solicitation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you download a Solicitation, you also need to download all current addenda that may have been issued since the original document was posted. It is the Bidder's responsibility to ensure that they have all addenda prior to submitting their offer.​