43RD Avenue Traffic Signal Upgrades Design-Bid-Build - ST89340579

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Street Transportation

Liz Blakley

03/07/2022 10:00 AM

03/29/2022 2:00 PM

Pending Council Approval


Additional Information

The City of Phoenix is seeking a qualified contractor to provide construction services for the project listed below. The project boundaries are within the major traffic corridor of 43rd Avenue. The project scope limit is at specific intersections of 43rd Avenue: Bethany Home Rd, Glendale Ave, and Northern Ave. For each intersection, the construction limits will be within the existing intersection. This road safety improvement project was identified through the local network crash data screening process and meets all requirements of Title 23. The project consists of improving the safety of the intersections by modifying the existing traffic signals. The improvements will add additional signal heads and flashing yellow left turn arrows to improve the safety of the intersections. The project scope also includes crosswalk illumination and ADA ramp modifications. These improvements will require a rebuilt of the signals to add signal heads and flashing yellow left turn arrows. This is a federal-aid project. The prevailing basic hourly wage rates and fringe benefit payments, as determined by the Secretary of Labor pursuant to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act, shall be the minimum wages paid to the described classes of laborers and mechanics employed or working on the site to perform the contract.