Mosquito Monitoring and Mitigation Services

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Water Services

Felix A Ruiz

11/13/2023 11:00 AM

11/27/2023 2:00 PM

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The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is seeking a new contract for the purpose of providing Mosquito Monitoring and Mitigation Services. The City of Phoenix Water Services Department (WSD) operates the Tres Rios Flow Regulating and Overbank wetlands facilities along the north bank of the Salt River from 75th Avenue downstream to approximately 115th Avenue. The facility focus is on the polishing effluent from the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant, while providing wetland, riparian, and wildlife habitat in a safe and compliant manner.  Facility operation criteria dictate public health requirements for the project with an emphasis on vector monitoring and control. This project will monitor, report and if required, mitigate mosquito activity that is associated with operation of the wetlands and surrounding wastewater treatment facilities.