2022 SS4A RSAP Pedestrian Risk Network - ST89320174

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Street Transportation

Tonja Lepur

07/01/2024 1:00 PM

07/12/2024 12:00 PM

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Additional Information

The City of Phoenix is seeking a qualified consultant team to provide engineering services for the development of a Pedestrian High-Risk Network Plan that will supplement the City’s Vision Zero – Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP). The link provided has the report for the City’s Road Safety Action Plan-Vision Zero web page: Street Transportation Road Safety Action Plan (phoenix.gov) and Road Safety Action Plan-Vision Zero document Vision_Zero_Road_Safety_Action_Plan.pdf (phoenix.gov), specifically, the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Strategy PB.03A of the RSAP regarding pedestrian risk factors and countermeasures. Services may include research, data collection, analysis, programming, procedure development, implementation requirements, and public involvement. The estimated cost of the project is $350,000.