Riverview Drive 18th Place to 22nd Street Roadway Improvements

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Street Transportation

Michael N Soto

03/23/2018 10:30 AM

04/17/2018 2:00 PM

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The Riverview Drive Project consists of constructing roadway improvements from 18th Place to 22nd Street over the existing ADOT Outfall channel. The work includes constructing a new Concrete Box Culvert; Concrete Parapet Walls; Concrete Retaining Walls with Rustication Finish; Concrete Headwalls; Concrete Curb and Curb & Gutter; Concrete Sidewalk; Concrete Driveways; Subgrade Preparation; new Asphaltic Concrete Pavement; 24” Storm Drain Mainline Pipe; 18” Connector Pipe; Catch Basins; Storm Drain Manholes - Per Special Detail; Installation of New LED Street Lights and Poles; Trenching for Underground Street Light Circuits; Architectural Gabion Basket Planters and Gabion Walls; Architectural Decorative Wave Fencing; Hydroseeding; Decomposed Granite; Landscaping and Irrigation System and various other Miscellaneous Items. The Engineer’s Estimate is $2,506,100 to $3,063,012. A Small Business Enterprise goal of 12% has been established for this project.

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