Lift Station No. 43 Operational Improvements

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WS90400028-1 & WS90400070-2

Water Services

Michael N Soto

03/15/2018 11:00 AM

04/03/2018 2:00 PM

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Lift Station 43 is located on the west side of 75th Avenue approximately 2,000 LF south of Southern Avenue. This project includes the operational improvements required to bring the lift station up to current design standards and provide reliability for City of Phoenix operations staff. The Work for this Project consists of demolition of existing pumping equipment, discharge piping, valves, valve vault, bypass, odor scrubber, and other miscellaneous appurtenances. Work also includes: construction of the wet well interior, pumping equipment, discharge piping, isolation valve, magnetic flow meters, pig launching station for various maintenance operations, perimeter wall, earthwork, structures, biofilter, electrical equipment, and instrumentation and control equipment. The discharge piping arrangement will include a dedicated connection to each force main with a crossover bypass built in. The new discharge piping will transition to above ground at the wet well with new valves and flow meters installed above ground. The force mains will then transition to below ground intercepting the existing force mains. And, the existing odor control system will be retrofitted to accommodate a new biofilter odor control system. The Engineer’s Estimate is $3,897,900 to $4,764,100. A Small Business Enterprise goal of 5% has been established for this project.

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