Phoenix City Hall Fire Alarm System Replacement

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Michael N Soto

03/29/2018 2:00 AM

04/17/2018 2:00 PM

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The purpose of this project is to completely replace the fire alarm system in Phoenix City Hall. The new fire alarm system work includes, but is not limited to: installation of a new addressable Main Fire Alarm Control Panel networked with additional subpanels complete with voice evacuation including new speakers and speaker/strobes throughout all areas of the building conforming to current NFPA 72 and ADA requirements; installation of a new automatic area detection throughout all areas of the building to initiate selected floor evacuation, smoke control sequences, HVAC shut-down, elevator recall as required; and replacement of the existing main smoke control panel located in the fire command room. The new fire alarm system will be required to monitor existing fire sprinkler water flow and tamper switches along with monitoring existing stand-alone pre-action fire sprinkler releasing panels. Once the new fire alarm system is successfully tested, the existing fire alarm system will be removed to include: all existing fire alarm devices, back boxes, conduit and wiring as required. Additional services will include drywall patching, painting, and ceiling tile replacement where existing boxes have been removed. The Engineer’s Estimate is $2,390,000 to $2,920,000. A Small Business Enterprise goal of three percent has been established for this project.

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