Phoenix Goodyear Airport Drainage System Improvements Design-Bid-Build REBID - AV41000074 FAA/ADOT

Solicitation Details

6000001091/AV41000074 FAA/ADOT


Samantha Ansmann

04/29/2021 1:00 PM

05/18/2021 2:00 PM

Award Notice


Additional Information

The City of Phoenix is seeking a qualified contractor to provide construction services for the project listed below. The proposed work for this project is located at Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The project consists of making improvements to the drainage system on the Airport by converting open ditches to underground storm drain piping. A 36-inch pipe will be constructed to replace the irrigation ditch on the north side of the airport. It will connect with the RID irrigation channel on the north end and the Goodyear Airport storm drain on the southern end. There is a 24-inch culvert that will connect to this system on the northern end. A 72-inch pipe will be constructed to enclose an existing drainage channel in the southeastern portion of the Airport which conveys combined stormwater and irrigation tailwater flows from the existing storm drain system to the Airport’s existing outfall. A catch basin and 30-inch storm drain collect flows from a low area in the southern portion of the Airport and a 54-inch storm drain will connect to another Airport storm drain near the runup area. The 54-inch storm drain collecting flow from the southeast of the runway/taxiway complex and the 72-inch storm drain replacing the South Channel are to be connected to a proposed junction structure at the southern end of the Airport. This junction structure discharges through the existing outfall consisting of four 60-inch existing culverts under the Airport access road. The junction structure will have an access manhole and a bench inside the structure to ease maintenance. Please contact the Contracts Specialist assigned to this procurement with any questions, Samantha B. Ansmann at (602) 681-5361 or email