The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is a list of all formal solicitations estimated to cost $100,000 or more available for open competition. The list is inclusive of all formal solicitations issued by all City Departments for goods and services and for A.R.S Title 34 professional and construction services through the Office of the City Engineer. Please read the solicitation for submission instructions and requirements.

For information about the results of recent solicitations, visit the Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations web page.

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Number Title Due Date NIGP
RFP FY24-086-07 (DRW) Request for Proposal to Issue Up To 250 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Project-Based Vouchers 3/01/2024 3:00 PM 952-55
AVN RCS 24-001 Childcare Services at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 3/29/2024 1:00 PM 958-22
NSD-RFP-24-002 Purchase and Development of Select City-Owned Parcels Located in the Sunnyslope/Village Center Neighborhoods 3/22/2024 2:00 PM 961-28
PMC RFQu-20-001 Court Interpreting and Translation Services 7/01/2025 12:00 AM 961-46
RCS PCC 24-0233 Phoenix Convention Center and Venues Exclusive Ticketing Services 2/26/2024 5:00 PM 963-38
AVN IFB 24-0166 Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Services 3/21/2024 10:00 AM 968-61