Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations

The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is information about the results of recent solicitations.

For a list of open formal solicitations for goods, services, and construction, visit the Solicitations web page.

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Number Title NIGP
6000000998 7A-ES1 NEW RESERVOIR AND 7A NEW WATERMAIN DESIGN SERVICES - WS85050053, WS85500457 925-00
6000001035 Wastewater Collection System Emergency Repair and Replacement - Job Order Contract - 4108JOC196 912-00
IFB 2021-WCC-305 (LW) Sewer Rods 890-65
RFP 2021-WMD-409 Water Meter Test Benches 890-44
6000001018 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant EIC Inspections - WS90100092 925-00
RFQu 2021-WRD-410 (MBT) Water Resources and Development Planning Consulting Services 925-00
IFB 2021-WWT-302 Machine Shop and Related Services 929-48
6000001055 Wastewater Facilities JOC Program Support Services - WS90100001 925-00
IFB 2021-WPP-313 (MBT) Electrical Motors - New Motors, Maintenance and Repairs 285-68
6000001057 91st Ave Wastewater Treatment Plant Electrical JOC Engineering Support Services - WS90100001 925-00
IFB 2021-WWT-421 (LW) Membrane Diffusers 890-87
6000001034 Water Main Replacement ABB: Stanford Dr to McDonald Dr and 40th St to 44th St - Engineering Services - WS85509050 925-00
IFB-2021-WPP-432 (DK) CNC Lathe 936-91
6000001019 Water Services Department 35th Avenue and Camelback Road Relief Sewer - Engineering Services - WS90500303 925-00
RFP 2021-WSU-399 Security Guard Services 990-46
6000001040 Northwest Water and Wastewater Master Plan Package 1 CMAR - WS85500455 & WS90500307 912-00
6000001042 Northwest Water and Wastewater Master Plan Package 3 CMAR - WS85500455 & WS90500307 912-00
6000001043 Northwest Water and Wastewater Master Plan Package 4 CMAR - WS85500455 & WS90500307 912-00
6000001041 Northwest Water and Wastewater Master Plan Package 2 CMAR - WS85500455 & WS90500307 912-00
6000001031 Relief Sewer Project: Van Buren and 52nd Street Design-Bid- Build - WS90500295 912-00
6000001064 16-Inch Zone 1 Carver Rd to Elliott Rd / 51st Ave to 35th Ave - CMAR - WS85500440 912-00
IFB-2021-WMD-306 (DK) Padlocks for Water Customer Services 450-55
6000001063 23rd Avenue WasteWater Treatment Plant, JOC Engineering Support Services - WS90200001 925-00
IFB-2021-WPP-326 (DK) Water Softener Exchange Rental Services 910-77
6000001070 Wastewater Facilities General Construction Job Order Contract - 4108JOC197 912-00