Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations

The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is information about the results of recent solicitations.

For a list of open formal solicitations for goods, services, and construction, visit the Solicitations web page.

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Number Title NIGP
IFB 24-0118 Cadaver Lab for Paramedics 948-55
RFP 24-0269 Hazardous and Non-hazardous Material Removal and Disposal Services 926-45
RFQu-24-0157 Foreign Language Translation Services 961-46
IFB 24-0035 State Fair Towing 968-90
RFQu21-123 Appraisal Services for Citywide and/or Public Transit Projects 946-15
RFQu21-FINTD-001 Financial Advisory Services (including Development Impact Fee Program Support) 946-48
RFQu21-018 Title, Escrow, and Title Insurance For Citywide Projects 946-46
RFP22-FINTD-001 Water and Wastewater System Revolving Credit Facilities 946-25
RTM RFQ 24-001 Training Consultant Services 918-38
IFB-24-0285 Test, Inspection & Repair of Fire Suppression & Pre-Action Systems 936-33
6000001496 Instrumentation And Control Systems Inspection And Testing Services For Water Remote Facilities Eng - WS84000011 925-00
6000001519 Sweetwater Avenue Sewer Relief - Engineering Services - WS90500317 925-00
6000001440 Architectural On-Call Services Calendar Years 2024-25 - NO PROJECT NUMBER 906-00
6000001466 Wastewater Collection System Emergency Repair and Replacement Program - 4108JOC222 912-00
6000001483 Cast Iron Water Transmission Main Replacement - WS85508004-2 925-00
6000001498 Lift Station 80 Verdin Construction Administration and Inspection Services - WS90400102 925-00
RFP-CED23-SSR Second Street Near Roosevelt Parcel Disposition and Redevelopment 961-28
IFB 2324-WPP-628 Hoist and Crane Inspection and Repair Services 929-47
IFB 2324-WWC-626 (SD) Sewer and Storm Drain Cleaning and Inspection Services 913-91
IFB 25-SW-001 Production Well 720-17
IFB 24-0274 Full Service and Decontamination Laundry Services 983-00
IFB 2324-WWT-632 Rental of Portable Pumps and Liquid Conveyance 981-57
IFB 2223-WPP-631 Water Softener System Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services 910-77
RFQu23-FINTD-002 Underwriting Services 946-30
RFQu23-FINTD-001 Underwriting Services 918-49