Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations

The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is information about the results of recent solicitations.

For a list of open formal solicitations for goods, services, and construction, visit the Solicitations web page.

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Number Title NIGP
6000000787 Aviation Sustainability On-Call Services Fiscal Years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 - VARIOUS 925-00
6000000681 Booster Pump Station (BPS) Rehabilitation and Replacement Project CMAR - WS85100032-3 912-00
6000000682 Booster Pump Station (BPS) Rehabilitation and Replacement Project Professional Services - WS85100032-3 925-00
RFP PTD19-008 Bus Operations Control Center and Data Collection Services 958-91
RFP PTD20-002 Bus Operator Protective Barriers 312-00
RFP HR 20-108 Buy-Up Voluntary Vision Plan 918-40
RFQ-ART-01-07-2020 Bus Shelter Public Art Project CANCELED - Artist Designed Perforated Screens for Transit Shelters 052-00
PT00320100 Canceled - To be re-advertised - Light Rail Extension Materials Testing and CA&I 925-00
NSD-RFP-20-009 CARES Act Phoenix Refugee and Asylee Coronavirus Relief Grant Program Request for Proposal 961-00
NSD-RFP-20-007 CDBG CARES Act Owner-Occupied Home Rehabilitation Request for Proposal 961-00
NSD-RFP-20-008 CDBG CARES Act Public Service Grant Program Request for Proposal 961-00
6000000812 Central Core ARID - Central City - Fed Aid No. PHX-0(349)D - ADOT TRACS No. 0000-MA-PHX-T013001D/01C - ST89360029 912-00
RFQ-ART-09-2019 In Flux Temporary Art Projects City of Phoenix In Flux Temporary Art Projects 052-00
6000000870 Citywide Fire Sprinkler Services - 4108JOC190 912-00
4108JOC178 Citywide General Construction 912-00
6000000673 Citywide General Construction Job Order Contract - 4108JOC178 912-00
6000000680 Citywide General Electrical Job Order Contract - 4108JOC179 912-00
6000000781 Civil Field Inspections On-Call Services 2020-2022 - VARIOUS 925-00
6000000782 Civil Plan Review On-Call Services 2020-2022 - VARIOUS 925-00
RFP HR 20-110 Civil Service Board Legal Services 961-49
RFP-20-EDU-37 Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) Observation 924-20
RFQ-ART-11-2019 Cortez Park Public Art 052-00
RFQ 2014-01MCINT Court Interpreting and Translation Services 961-46
RFQu 20-092 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services 952-61