Tabulations, Awards, and Recommendations

The City of Phoenix is committed to the principles of open competition and fairness for the procurement of goods and services. Working with customers, the City strives to ensure that our community receives the best value for the tax dollars that are expended.

The following is information about the results of recent solicitations.

For a list of open formal solicitations for goods, services, and construction, visit the Solicitations web page.

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Number Title NIGP
RFP 2122-WES-478 Stormwater Retrofit Assessment - Requirements Contract 926-83
AVN RFP 23-014 Tal Wi Wi Ranch Water Distribution System Maintenance and Operation Services 968-92
AVN RFP 23-002 Fire Alarm System/Network & Fire Sprinkler/Suppression System Services 990-39
AVN RFP 23-008 Customer Data Collection Services 905-28
AVN RFP 23-019 Tower Ringdown Alert System 340-15
RFP-22-BWDD-63 Workforce and Career Services to Support the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) 918-00
RFQu-22-CSSD-68 Senior Services Entertainers and/or Instructors 924-41
RFQ-22-VSD-57 Victim Services and Prosecutor's Office Client Transportation Services 952-94
RFQ 2014-01MCINT Court Interpreting and Translation Services 961-46
RFP-22-CSSD-54 Client Services Portal Systems Integration 920-05
IFB-22-MSD-64 Custodial Services - Human Services Department Senior Center Locations 962-21
AVN RFP 23-012 Noise and Operations Management System (NOMS) 926-62
AVN RFP 23-030 Window and High Surface Cleaning Services 910-81
AVN RFP 23-003 Window and High Surface Cleaning Services 910-81
RFQu-22-EDU/BWDD-70 Financial Literacy Training and Coaching 946-00
RFQu-22-EDU-67 Digital Platform for Conferences and Events 838-00
RFP-22-EDU-66 Home Visit Rating Scale Observation Services 924-20
RFQ-22-EDU-55 Mobile Event and Conference Meeting Application 838-00
RFQu-22-EDU-72 Head Start Birth to Five Program Professional Development Training Services 918-38
RFQu-22-MSD-73 Event Space for Meetings and Conferences 971-65
ITS RFI 23-004 Constituent Management System (CMS) 208-32
ITS RFP 23-003 Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) 920-23
ART-RFQu-11-2022-Pre-Qualified Artist Roster for Urban Furniture & Utility Wraps Pre-Qualified Artist Roster for Urban Furniture & Utility Wraps 052-00
ART-RFQu-10-2022-Pre-Qualified Artist Roster for City Parks Public Art Projects Pre-Qualified Artist Roster for City Parks Public Art Projects 052-00
ART-RFQ-10-2022-Maryvale Grand Canal Crossing Public Art Maryvale Grand Canal Public Art Project 052-80